skateboarding tipsIt is not easy to think about how a small piece of plastic which in most cases is not even 2 feet long and only about 6 inches wide has won the confidence of students of all shapes and sizes.

But for a casual observer, it seems that each of these days , anyone can be seen rolling through many places on a skateboard called penny, a type of skateboarding in miniature plastic which has seen a resurgence in popularity in this time.

For a nonskater, a person navigate on a plank Penny could immediately call the spirit of comparisons, say, a clown a bike miniature. It must be without any doubt of skills, but it leaves you look with all sorts of questions: a council of Penny can really manage the steep hills If Commons through the campus of this university? What type of damage would cause someone using that kind of board while in the road to both him self and other people around him?

I am able to place a word with Junior Anthony Slaton as he rushed to the class. When I asked him why the small penny board  was his preference of Transport, he responded as expected.

“It is much more easy to carry and easy to move with,” explained Slaton.

This response was not unique. When asked why they continue to use  penny boards  in the place of another mode of transport, the most common response of runners that I spoke referenced the ease to wear the small luminous panel to the class, a benefit to the penny has on the longboard, a favorite of long date of skaters on the campus.

However, my conversations with the runners of the Board of Directors of penny have also confirmed the risks: the falls are frequent, and it seemed that almost every runner had known a wipeout on the path of the class. But they are still in life and using their skateboards on a regular basis.

More than 6 feet tall guy, Esteban Garcia, a student in the first year and skateboard regular user, can often be seen moving around the university on his penny board and here is the question I had for him :

How People who are  6 feet tall and larger can still use these small school boards? Estebanas had a quick solution.

“I used to have a smaller one some time in the past, but I was too large, so now I use a plank of nickel,” said Garcia.

Yes, people, when they find their  penny is not enough, the upgrade to a nickel: 27 inches long, the standard 22-inch the penny.

Although I am long board user  for years, I have always been skeptical of Penny and Nickel plates, that the balance has not always been my strong point. After having driven a borrowed the one, I can say these small pieces of plastic on wheels are in fact very stable, even if I cannot attest to their performance with a backpack loaded.

Many inmates of penny have been quick to reassure me that the effect of backpack is trivial, however.

And unlike a long board, it can easily slide under a chair during the class. Unlike a bike, it does not need to be locked up. Then perhaps the popularity of the plank of penny is well deserved .